22. dec. 2010

♔Nightmare Before Christmas Party♔

My birthday was the 12th of December, so I invited 9 people over to celebrate. We ate nice food and drank a whole lot of alcohol (on a Sunday, haha). I've never ever been that drunk before, I'm pretty convinced I was already sick before 12 o'clock .___.' (but I can't remember for sure. I tell ya, waaay drunk). But the rest of the guests partied on and got even worse hangovers than me - so birthday well spent!♥ I love all of the gifts too, everyone was so great at figuring out what I like, I feel like they really know me♥♥

Last weekend, my friend Anne invited me over for a Nightmare Before Christmas party. It was really fun being able to go to a Halloween party in December, it was so much fun.
I arrived the day before the party to help decorating the place, and boy had Anne gotten her hands on all sorts of cool things... I'll show you some pictures of her apartment:


You can't see it, but the entire ceiling was covered in spiderweb and bugs =O


Blood EVERYWHERE! We wrote: "I see dead people" on the wall and used a horror shower curtain. It looked awesome.

Anne had bought some black spaghetti that we ate for dinner, together with graveyard brownies (we cut little skeletons into pieces and placed them in the brownies so it looked like the dead coming back to life) and cakes that looked like fingers. All in all it was an amazing party♥

I went as a dead military girl - as usual, since I have no money. Also, the people who first told me: "why use money on a military outfit, you're only gonna wear it once"... In your face! >:D But this time, I found a new friend. He was very cute:

THIS is what happens when I don't blog for 2 weeks D:

10. dec. 2010

♔Photoshoot by Maja Hansen♔

Photos by Maja Hansen (02/12 2010)

Btw, it's my birthday in 2 days! :D♥

8. dec. 2010

6. dec. 2010

♔And All Will Burn...♔

Yup. I got it >:D I'm happy there is a Blockbuster really close to me♥

I would love to play some more, but it's 3:15AM and I have an appointment with my hairdresser tomorrow morning. And all the quest mobs gets wiped out constantly before I can get to them, haha.

Sweet dreams all of you♥♥

2. dec. 2010

♔Maja Hansen Shoot♔

Today I had another photoshoot with the great photographer, Maja Hansen (one of the photographers from the lolita shoot I had before this one, if you remember).
So I had to get up early and dye my extensions, since they were still a dark red. When I have an appointment with a photographer, I use a whole day to get ready - so I know everything is right. I even make sure to get a lot of sleep the night before, so I'm all set to go the next day.
Therefore, this whole day went with dying hair, curling and styling it, binding my old corset, doing my nails and fixing my make-up (and listening to Dúné♥♥). I'm super content about that, haha♥

The shoot went well, I think it was the fastest shoot I've ever done, even though we took pictures a lot of different places in the house (the photographer had borrowed a friend's house for the shoot, since she had some nice furniture).
I'm looking so much forward to seeing the photos edited and in high quality, I hope Maja will fix them soon and send them to me :D

You can get a quick sneak peak of me from after the photoshoot, even though the light is pretty weird and ugly :P (I don't know why the quality suck so bad, my blogspot is acting up. You can click it)
Sweet dreams everyone!♥♥

1. dec. 2010

♔Dúné Concert♔

Me, Mette and Rikke went to the Dúné concert at Store Vega today. I had been looking forward to it all day, one of their songs was on repeat in my mind the whole day at work, so I was totally psyched. When I got home, I pretty much only had time to get ready and eat a quick snack, before leaving for the concert. Btw, I was surprised to see so many girls without make-up or anything, I guess Dúné fans just don't care much about that stuff, haha :D

Concert pics are taken by Mette (http://through-rosy-sunglasses.blogspot.com/)

The warm up was Laust Sonne - I only know one of his songs, so it wasn't that big a deal for me, but at least I could snigger at his leather pants while I waited for Dúné to play XP
The concert was absolutely fantastic, the band brings such an amazing atmosphere with them, and they're great at getting the crowd going♥ So energetic.

They played a lot of awesome songs, I remember I kept thinking: "wooo, they're playing this too!?" everytime another song started. But I'm really really sad that they didn't play Final Party of the 21st Century, I would have loved to hear it live. I don't know why they wouldn't play that!?

Can't remember all the songs they played, but they definitely did play:

★Heiress Of Valentina
★The World Is Where We're Heading
★Time to Leave
★Let Go Of Your Love
★Everybody Fights the Lust
★Get It Get It
★The Last Dinosaur in Congo
★John Wayne vs. Mary Chain
★Dry Lips
★80 Years
★Go Go Valentina

I wish they would play in Denmark more often♥♥ But now I'm off to bed, I have a photoshoot tomorrow ;D

29. nov. 2010


I dyed my hair last week :D I was really unsure if I wanted to dye it, but.... I actually really like it! I chose a dark brown dye, but it turned out almost black - which looked surprisingly good (Haha, my mom told me I looked like Cleopatra). It's not that dark anymore though, but I still dig it♥

Me and Demi went to club Faust Friday. They had a dupstep theme with 4 DJs and the club was pretty crammed. Probably because all the people were friends of the DJs. We had a fun night though, we got totally wasted, danced a lot... and the bartender let us draw and write on one of the sale notes >:D

Saturday I was invited to my boyfriend's mom's birthday. It was a really nice evening and the food was amazing, I had such a good time♥ Later we went to a small party. It was really cozy, though it was soooooo damn cold getting there. Winter is just not my thing.
Sunday I went to dinner at my brother's place, I should do that more often, since it's always really nice (: Afterward I went home, chilled with Demi and started making pancakes at 11PM. They were awesome.

All in all I had a great weekend♥ ♥

21. nov. 2010

♔HP7 Midnight Premiere♔

This Wednesday, I went to the cinema with a bunch of friends, to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part One. We watched it in Imperial, and I'm truly glad that we did. It's the biggest cinema in Denmark, and people there usually go all out with their costumes when there's a Harry Potter movie premiere. Last year, Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) appeared at Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere in Imperial. I don't think anyone from the movie appeared this year though...

Photographer: Uffe Weng

I LOVED the movie! As usual... It's just kinda sad that the next time I go to a HP premiere, it will be the very last. I'm totally up for going to London to watch the second part of the Deathly Hallows♥ And I so wanna have a costume ready >:D

I visited a friend Saturday (the one of my friends I have known the longest, since I pretty much started playing with her when I was only a baby, haha). Then I had a chance to meet Kovu (yeah, like Lion King: Simba's Pride ;D), the newest family member. He is so tiny and adorable, she had to check my bag when I left - just in case I didn't snatch him away♥♥

Enough ramble for today, gotta do my Japanese homework. See ya!

15. nov. 2010


I spend some of my Sunday evening decorating my cell phone once again. It had definitely seen better days, so I removed what was left of glittery stones and pearls and freshened up it's look:

It's so typical me. All year it has had a Christmas/ snow design, and when we're finally getting near December, I change it all, getting rid of all the snowflakes and stuff. But I like it, and that's what's important.

Take care peepz♥

13. nov. 2010


Today I ordered tickets to the Dúné concert on the 1. of December. I'm so looking forward to it! :D I've only been to one other Dúné concert, and it was really great. But it's such a long time ago, can't even remember when it was =O
So these days I'm listening to Dúné a lot and I absolutely can't wait for the concert, it's gonna be great.

One of my favorite Dúné songs at the moment is this one. But really, they make a lot of awesome songs, you guys should check them out (:

Shortest blog entry ever...

Take care y'all!♥♥

7. nov. 2010

♔SAW 3D♔

This Friday, me and my boyfriend went to the cinema to watch Saw 3D - the seventh and last Saw movie. I really enjoyed the evening, and I must say that the movie was great. I've always loved Saw, even though some of the later movies couldn't really reach the standard of the first couple of movies. So my expectations weren't high for the final Saw, even though I couldn't wait to see it. When the movie ended, I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn't have thought of a better way to end Saw. I don't know if it was my mood that night, but the movie really got to me. If you're a Saw fan, GO SEE IT!♥ (If you're not a fan, you probably haven't seen all the six movies before, so... watch them first, THEN watch Saw 3D).

Since it was J-day this Friday, I totally had to buy a Christmas beer after the movie (or six). So me and my boyfriend went to 7/11 before heading home. I always buy Christmas beer on J-day, it's a nice reminder that it's Christmas soon♥... there's something real cozy about that beer, haha XD All in all, I had a great weekend.

Actually, in this month I'll have watched 2 movies that are the seventh of their kind, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Saw 3D. I don't think I've ever tried that before, haha :D I mean, what's the odds?
Geez, HP7 AND SawVII all in one month. I feel really lucky (:

Take care everyone♥♥

31. okt. 2010

♔Happy Halloween♔

Friday, me and Demi decided to attend The Black Cat Halloween at club Faust. We hadn't bought tickets or anything, but luckily, the door man let us in (he could only let 3 more people in - us inclusive, so we felt really awesome). There were a lot of really great costumes, you could totally see that people had spent a long time preparing. Two-Face from Batman, Morpheus and Trinity from Matrix, the bearded lady, Medusa, Puss in Boots from Shrek, Edward Scissorhands.... and I could go on and on about the awesomeness of them all >:D

Saturday, I was invited to a birthday/ Halloween party with some friends and my boyfriend. We started off at the birthday kid's place, and then headed for a club, where we could spend the first hour there alone without anyone else being let in. But the door man was a fucking douche, so we ended up not going - and took a trip to Lades instead D:< It was nice, but I think we were all in a bad mood, so we just drank one beer there before heading home.

I was dressed up as a military zombie, with loads of fake blood and a crazy amount of white face-paint all over. The blood was very sticky, so I couldn't really hug anyone, but it was a great weekend none the less. I totally dig Halloween (and basically all other occasions where wearing a costume is a part of the tradition) so I had a great time. I love dressing up♥♥

Take care all!♥

24. okt. 2010

♔Big Spender♔

These days, I've been hanging out with Demi and had a great time. We went to or favorite sushi restaurant, called Sachi, and ordered a whole lot of sushi. I ate so much that I eventually felt really sick - can't remember the last time I ate that much, haha. Afterward we went to club Tex and club Faust, but since it was raining, we didn't know anyone there. We still had a great time, 'cause the DJ at Faust played some really awesome music♥

The next day, me and Demi went shopping and I ended up buying 3 pieces of Vivienne Westwood jewelry♥ I don't usually wear bracelets, but I really dig my new one, even when I usually buy silver jewelry. Change is nice.
And I also bought a 40" Sony LCD tv >:D Oh yeah...
Later that day, we went back to Faust, to attend a Nick Cave tribute night. A whole night where they only played Nick Cave, it was so awesome♥ Let's just say, that usually, Faust doesn't really play my favorite kind of music, but this Thursday and Friday was great. I ended up being at Faust 'till really late, even though I had work the next day. Hooraay for hangovers!



5. okt. 2010


Nuuurh... (:

Somebody made me a secret on the Danish J-fashion site http://www.j-fashion.dk/forum/. I think that's really sweet, it makes me really happy that someone likes my pictures♥ I'm not really wearing lolita daily or anything, so I don't think I have a place at J-fashion.dk. But maybe I should take a look around the site for fun sometime, since I haven't been online for ages.

But now it's 1:30AM and I have work and school tomorrow until 9:30PM, so I better be off to bed. Sweet dreams!♥

♔Lvl 80♔

For all of you who didn't think I could... I could! >:D

I know it's geeky like hell, but heck, now I finally have a lvl 80 draenei hunter. I totally need to start getting nice gear, so WoW dudes can get pissed over being pwned by an 18 year old girl♥ Sooo satisfactory... Let me know if any of you play wow, I totally want your realID. And to you who don't... well, you should try it. You might like it (: ♥

- I'm thinking about starting a tauren male warrior, only because it would be ridiculous if a girl played this huge-ass, totally evil-looking character C:<

Beside all the geeky stuff, I finally sew clips on my extensions, so now I'm able to wear them again. I don't think I'll wear them very often though, but it's nice to know that I can wear them whenever I want to now. I also think they hurt my scalp more now than they did before... I guess I was too mean to my hair back then, so I'll take good care of it from now on (: I know it'll pay off in the end.

Take care all♥♥

2. okt. 2010

♔Heroes & Villains Party♔

Yesterday, I went to a heroes and villains themed party. 3 of my friends started off at my place, drinking and listening to a lot of Nine Inch Nails(♥). Later on we decided to go to this pub near my place, to get a beer or two. It was so much fun, even though we met this old guy who suddenly confessed that he had once murdered someone, because the guy had had an affair with his girlfriend. I wasn't there when he told us, but damn... you should have seen my face.

I had planned to come as Mystique - I had even bought blue face paint and all. But I ended up being too annoyed over the paint that I decided not to go as Mystique anyway. So I just wore a lot of leopard print and fur, inventing my own villain... or something. Leopard lady? I don't really know...

We ended up heading for the party really late, so when we finally got there, a lot of the people I knew had left. Luckily, that still left a lot of great people to hang out with anyway, and I was actually surprised how many of my friends still hung around. It was really nice seeing everyone, I had a fun night (:

Oh, some days ago, me and Demi accidentally found the shop, Agnes Cupcakes while shopping, and of course, we absolutely had to try it out. We bought a cake each, one red velvet - a red cocoa cake with cream cheese frosting, and one black & white - a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. They were sooo delicious♥ I wanna try out the strawberry cupcake for sure!

Take care all♥♥

12. sep. 2010

♔Photoshoot II♔

I know I uploaded the photos on facebook a long time ago, but as a matter of form I figured I would post some here anyway.

Photos by Morten Aagaard

Photos by Maja Hansen

Take care everyone♥ ♥

27. aug. 2010

26. aug. 2010


It is actually a really long time since I last went to a photoshoot (or updated my blog, for that sake). For this particular shoot I was honored with two photographers, something which I had never tried before. It was a bit confusing at first, since they were both taking pictures and I had to switch between where to look all the time, but it went really well and it was a lot of fun.

The shoot took place at a super trashed graffiti park, something I would never have chosen as a photoshoot location myself - but I thought; "hey, why not try something new", and it was quite interesting because of that.

I wore a lolita outfit for the shoot. I hadn't worn a lolita outfit for AGES, so I wondered if I would be okay, if it could go with how I look now... but wearing it for an entire day made me realize how I had missed wearing these kind of over the top outfits♥ I wont wear it everyday - heck, not even often, but I'll definitely wear it more than I've done this last year, or at least try to.

Now for something completely different.
I'm finally attending Japanese lessons again :D I'm very happy about it, even though it's until 09:30PM (which means I'm totally done for at the end of the day, since I work from 10:30-04PM and then have to attend Japanese right after. But it's worth it).

Take care everyone♥♥

29. maj 2010

♔T-Lounge Society♔

Yesterday, I went to the T-Lounge party held in Warehouse 9. It was for "transgendered and friends", so I figured it was okay for me to go over the top with my look♥ (then I also had the opportunity to talk about fake hair with the trannys, hahaha :D). The dresscode was "manga geisha" and "asia fantasy"... and I had absolutely no idea about what to wear. But with a huge half wig and two sets of false eyelashes (and a new dress) they simply had to let me in.

They played a lot of songs I knew, so it was quite fun, even though I didn't dance to any of them. Luckily for me, they sold melon soda as a part of their Asian theme, and also served sushi at the bar, wooo. It was a fun night, even though I couldn't stay for long, since I had to work the next day. I brought both of my half wigs, not because I wanted to, but because one of my friends decided that he wanted to wear it for the evening. Damn, that half wig doesn't look good on anyone, but it was a lot of fun. Me and my friends totally looked like the crazy hair trio; two wearing half wigs and one with huge dreads XD My mom told me later that she had laughed at us from the window because we looked like three weird drags from behind, haha.

I'm leaving for Crete tomorrow, which means I wont be updating my blog for a week. I'm looking forward to relax and... well, do nothing, basically. But since there wont be any internet or stuff like that, I'll really miss a lot of people (one i particular♥) D: And I haven't bought or borrowed a book or anything, so I wonder what I'll be up to on my vacation. I hope I wont get bored that easily, then I'll miss everyone even more ): Bah, I need to get a grip...

Take care everyone♥♥

27. maj 2010

♔Dresses and Makeup♔

Today, me and my sister went to Fields shopping center. I ended up buying a lot of cool stuff (and two dresses that I might return. They're a bit too big, plus they're strapless, so it's kinda risky business wearing them ;P). But I bought one dress that I absolutely ADORE♥ My fav dress looks a lot like it, this one is just shorter >:D Woooo!
I also bought some more make-up from M∙A∙C. A white eyeshadow (Gesso matte eye shadow), a nude lipstick (Myth satin lipstick) and my beloved zoom lash mascara in intense black. Oh, and I bought 5 new nail polishes, in white, black, red and babypink. Along with a gloss.
Furthermore, I bought a bikini for my trip to Greece, a cute white one. I'm sure it will look better when I get more tanned though.

I also removed 2 of my piercings ): So now I only have my navel piercing - I feel absolutely naked! Therefore I booked an appointment at my piercer for the 8th of June, figuring I needed 2 more dermal anchors. Or skin divers, I haven't really decided yet. Additionally, I have a great urge to get tattooed, I just haven't really figured out what I want and where I want it. I have a couple of ideas, but it's just a bit scary getting something inked onto your skin that will stay there forever. I would hate regretting something like that.
... But I would love to surprise my boyfriend with a tattoo♥ >:D Could be fun, haha. Then again, it probably wont happen. Damn.

Btw, I want more pinup inspired outfits. I have just bought a dress that could work as one, AND I LOVE IT. I'll post pictures of it soon. (I've bought too many dresses lately, I really need tops XD)

Thanks for all the comments♥