27. aug. 2010

26. aug. 2010


It is actually a really long time since I last went to a photoshoot (or updated my blog, for that sake). For this particular shoot I was honored with two photographers, something which I had never tried before. It was a bit confusing at first, since they were both taking pictures and I had to switch between where to look all the time, but it went really well and it was a lot of fun.

The shoot took place at a super trashed graffiti park, something I would never have chosen as a photoshoot location myself - but I thought; "hey, why not try something new", and it was quite interesting because of that.

I wore a lolita outfit for the shoot. I hadn't worn a lolita outfit for AGES, so I wondered if I would be okay, if it could go with how I look now... but wearing it for an entire day made me realize how I had missed wearing these kind of over the top outfits♥ I wont wear it everyday - heck, not even often, but I'll definitely wear it more than I've done this last year, or at least try to.

Now for something completely different.
I'm finally attending Japanese lessons again :D I'm very happy about it, even though it's until 09:30PM (which means I'm totally done for at the end of the day, since I work from 10:30-04PM and then have to attend Japanese right after. But it's worth it).

Take care everyone♥♥