21. maj 2011

♔Going to Karpathos♔

This weekend, Demi's boyfriend is visiting her from Germany. His birthday was Friday, so Demi got up early and made a super princess-styled birthday cake for him. With pink whipped cream and all! I can't remember the last time I had a birthday cake like that, it brought up a lot of memories from when I was a kid. And it was truly delicious!♥

Today, me and my boyfriend went to the movies to watch Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides 3D♥ I love all the movies, I could watch them all the time, I'm sure. And the fourth movie was no exception, I was well entertained during the entire movie. The people working in the cinema all wore pirate costumes, and the cinema was so nicely decorated too :) Afterward, me and my boyfriend went back to my place to eat dinner and relax. I wont be seeing him for a week, so it was really nice spending such a cozy time with him before I'll be heading to Greece♥♥

Actually, I have to get up in... 2 hours and leave for the airport. I wonder if I should even bother going to bed at all, haha xP Especially since I've just played a lot of Silent Hill - which ain't helping at all. My mom, my brother and me are going to Karpathos for a week. I will spend the entire trip relaxing, tanning and reading books, it's totally what I need right now♥

I'll look forward to seeing you all when I come back :D Take care everyone!

15. maj 2011

♔Friday 13th & Leek Party♔

It's Sunday, and I'm super hungover. This Friday was Friday the 13th, and since me and Demi can't give up on a chance to dress up for a scary/ fun time, we went to The Rock together. They had decorated the place with spider web and creepy stuff, and the bartenders had blood all over. Though there weren't that many people in the club, we still had a really fun time. I can't remember the last time I laughed that much♥

You might have thought that I misspelled the blog title, but no no... Ane and Mads held a housewarming party yesterday, and to get into the party you had to bring a leek each (or a half a leek if you wore high heels). It was a disaster when I went shopping and found that all the leeks were sold out(!!). Luckily, my boyfriend bought me one, hahaha xD

I had a great time, and it was so nice seeing a lot of friends that I hadn't seen in ages. Some time into the party, people decided they wanted to make leek juice (yeah... leek juice). It was so gross, it smelled horrible! People kept trying to get everyone to take a sip, and I must admit I'm really glad that I didn't. It was really fun though xP When we left the party, there were leeks all over the place, I felt so bad for them D: But I had so much fun - thanks for an awesome "too HOT for LEEK" party♥

And today me and my family went out to eat sushi. I ate so much! It was cosy as always, my family is the greatest family in the entire world♥ Accomplished weekend much. I'm also looking so much forward to the next week/ weekend. And on Sunday, I'm leaving for Greece ;D I'm so excited!!


10. maj 2011

♔Sakura Festival 11♔

Last weekend, me and a couple of friends went to the Sakura Festival in Langelinie Park, as we always do. I've never missed it, so it's really fun to see how it grows every year. When it was first held in 2007, the festival consisted of 3 speeches and taiko performance. Now, there's so many shows and performances that the stage is open from 10am to 5pm, and there's a whole bunch of stalls at the festival too. It's always so cosy♥

Me, Mette and Rikke had made a lot of delicious and cute food for the occasion, it was all very yummy. I even bought a new bento box, the shokado bento♥ There's room for so much food - I love it, haha.

The trees had already deflowered, so instead I give you this picture of a tree outside my house C:< On another note, I've signed up for school, starting this summer. It's gonna be weird studying again, but I'm really excited. And the best thing is, I wont even have that many subjects/ classes, since I've already finished social studies and math♥
This week has been so nice! Sakura festival, partying with Demi and her boyfriend, grilling with my boyfriend and his family. I love spring and summer!

Take care!♥