8. jan. 2011


Hey all!♥ A very late merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Since my last update, I've been enjoying myself big time...
Firstly, Christmas eve - and it was surely everything a Christmas eve should be♥ Then, New Years eve, celebrated with my boyfriend and a lot of awesome and kind people. After 12, we hit the city - even though I've told myself never to go clubbing on new years eve... but I didn't regret it at all.

Other than that, the start of January has been real cozy, filled with nice food and good times with family and friends. This week I went out to dinner and in the theater with my boyfriend and his family - I had such a great time♥ The songs are still stuck in my head. And today I've been out to dinner and in the movies with my mom and sister, where we watched Burlesque, haha.

Monday, it's my boyfriend's birthday - so there are more cozy times ahead. Also, on Thursday, we've been together for a year, wooo ;D

2011 is starting out to be a good year for me♥♥ Fingers crossed!