10. dec. 2011

♔I shall consume... everything♔

Just arrived home from a cozy Christmas get-together at Ane and Emil's place. Unfortunately, me, Demi and Christian got there a bit late... but it was really nice seeing everybody, I enjoyed it a lot♥ Everyone had decorated the place really nicely, it was so cute. I didn't get to make any Christmas decorations, but I did got to play with some marzipan and nougat! I managed to make 2 Christmas related confectioneries, before it all turned into weird stuff.

Picture is taken by Maria. This is some of the stuff me and Emil made, haha :D I don't think anyone would want to eat it though... not Demi's either, I wish I had pictures of them.

Last weekend I finished The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Those games are seriously awesome, you guys should try them out (if you awesome people haven't already). I'm not playing anything beside Zelda lately (except WoW), I've already borrowed The Wind Waker from my boyfriend. The graphics are different, but it's still equally as fantastic♥

Tomorrow, I've invited some friends and my family over for sushi, because my birthday is on Monday (but I've already eaten sushi twice last week, haha. It will still be delicious! Haven't made homemade sushi for quite some time now). I look forward to seeing everyone and have a good time. I wish I could just fast forward to it♥ But the least I can do is go to bed, so that's what I'm going to do. I feel like a little kid though, I wonder if I will be able to fall asleep ;D

Sweet dreams y'all!

2. dec. 2011

♔The flow of time is always cruel♔


Some time ago, I finished playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The game has been around since I was 7 years old, but only now were I finally able to borrow the right console (and the game of course) from my boyfriend. It was simply... amazing I'm really hooked and want to play the other games too! I've started on Majora's Mask, which is also extremely entertaining... I think everyone should try playing those games :D They have such a cozy feel to them.

I've also been to a lot of nice dinners with my family. Last weekend, both my brothers came over, and my mom made an absolutely awesome, delicious dinner. Roast pork, ain't it very Christmasy? C: It was such a nice evening
The day before that, we had tried out a Thai restaurant near my brother's school. I ordered their duck in red curry and ate so much that I was freezing all the way home haha.

I've been shopping a bit on ebay this month. I bought 2 pairs of organic plugs for my ears. My stretch is 12mm now, so I needed new jewelry if I didn't want to walk around with a big, heavy spiral in my earlobe (who wants that?). I ended up buying 2 lotus flower tunnels. I think they're really cute because they're so feminine. Looking so much forward to trying them out!

Since I have to use my old cell phone for some time, I decided to remove some of the fake crystals from it, since it didn't look good anymore. Just too bad my boyfriend was laying so close to me... I think he didn't quite realize what I was doing before it was too late >:D Hahaha, didn't it look pretty?

Sadly, he didn't want to keep them... I wonder why..

On another note, my birthday is coming up soon. Then I wont be able to call myself a teenager anymore. Dammit.

3. nov. 2011

♔This is Halloween♔

Happy (late) Halloween everyone!

Last Saturday, me, Demi and Christian attended The Rock's Halloween party. I decided to go as a demon/ something with horns, while Demi dressed up as a cat and Christian went as a zombie. Scary!

I also wore horns on my shoulders and collarbone, but I put those on when we arrived at The Rock, 'cause I couldn't wear them under my jacket. The Halloween Party was a whole lot of fun, so of course we stayed until closing time. I met a whole bunch of friends and people I hadn't seen in ages, so it was quite awesome♥ Oh, I love Halloween!

Gave me a reason to use my red contacts (Super Pinky Wine Red). I'm not that into colored contact lenses, 'cause they tend to hurt my eyes a lot, but these were really comfortable. I wore them all night and they didn't dry out at all :D

Tuesday, my boyfriend took me to my favorite restaurant, Sachi Sushi. They make the most delicious maki rolls! I had been craving their sushi for weeks, so it was simply awesome♥♥ I could eat there everyday, I'm sure. If anyone wanna go there, be sure to have their tempura roll. Even people who don't usually like sushi love their tempura roll :D

Also, meet our newest family member, Felina! We had to name her after a phobia, so Demi chose phobia of cats (I find that very fitting, haha). She's so cute and already very big in size, because she was bred to be a huge rat. She's only 2 months old, but she's already the same size as Tofu - and rats usually don't stop growing until they're 6 months old. Demi took this really cute picture of all of them: Tofu, Felina and Yolandi.


22. okt. 2011

♔I want to meet you♔

A lot has happened since my last update, so I wont be able to write about it all, since I don't want this blog to be nothing but a wall of text. But I do have a few pictures I want to share with you guys, taken during this last month C: I should get myself a camera, I would probably blog more often if I took more pictures.

The 30th September I attended the ASIANVIBES party by Fried Rice. Me, Demi and Christian went to Ane and Emil's place for a pre-party, before we headed to the nightclub NASA. I had a whole lot of fun with everyone, beside getting pissed at shitty doormen and getting way too drunk. I wont be going back to NASA again, but I'll definitely look forward to a party with all you guys again♥

Photo taken by Emil and stolen from Ane's blog ;D

The next day I went to the Villains and Heros Party with my boyfriend, Demi and Christian. My boyfriend suggested I came dressed up as Butter's "evil" alter ego, Professor Chaos (from South Park). Of course I had to do it! I was totally hungover from ASIANVIBES the night before, and the tin foil was really hot to wear, so I basically didn't drink that night - but it was awesome none the less C:< I'm saving the helmet for another time!

Some of you might remember that I blogged a bit about Final Fantasy X - which I really loved, so I decided to play Final Fantasy VII as well. Of course it was equally awesome, the people behind the games really know how to write an amazing story and create a marvelous universe♥ Luckily, sweetest Antonio can borrow me all the FF games, so I've already started on FFIX.

Also, my mom bought me a gift after she returned home from a vacation to Turkey. A super cute Vivienne Westwood necklace♥ I'm wearing it all the time now, I think it's very elegant. You can also see that I finally removed my last skin diver piercing. I never had the time to go to the piercer and get it removed, so at last I grew so tired of it that I decided to remove it myself. It's healing up nicely, but it will still be red for some time.

Sweet dreams everyone♥

19. aug. 2011

♔Grotesque Burlesque♔


Last weekend I went to Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Opera of the Underworld, together with Damien. It's an awesome costume party, with amazing performers and beautifully dressed up people all over the place. Even the place was decorated for the occasion, with wicked mannequins, fog machines and the like. The atmosphere was truly wonderful and people really seemed to have fun and let loose. I was totally taken back by how creative people had been with their outfits. There were adventurers, a fantastic Jessica Rabbit, and one who was wearing nothing but a long wig! Oh, if I should go through all the stunning costumes people wore, it would take me several hours to write it all down I think. I can definitely recommend everyone to go next time Copenhagen Burlesque throws a party, I know I will!

I would like to welcome our newest family members! Me and my roommate Demi had been talking for ages about getting pet rats. This last month we have been running from place to place, picking up essential things for our soon-to-be pets (with essential stuff, of course I'm talking about baby pink bedding). 3 days ago, it was finally time to go pick them up. So here they are!

Tiny, tiny Yolandi. She's the cutest baby ever! So calm despite her new surroundings, and she loves to snuggle. She even fell asleep in my lap on the very first day♥

And not so tiny Tofu♥ She's no doubt the most talkative rat I've ever met. But she's a teenager, so I'm not surprised haha. She should have been born a parrot, I'm sure, 'cause she always sits on my shoulder and tweets.

I started school this Thursday at VUF. It's gonna be so weird studying again, but I'm looking forward to it none the less (except living off my SU for 2 years, when I'm used to waitress salary). I haven't had Japanese or Psychology yet, but they're definitely the subjects I think I will enjoy the most, so I'm excited about next week♥

Sweet dreams everyone!♥♥

8. aug. 2011


I know it's old news, but I figured... who cares? I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on the premiere night. Actually, I had bought tickets for a marathon that showed all the movies during 2 days, so I watched a lot more than just part 2! (Though I didn't watch all of them, after all I've watched them a bunch of times before). They had decorated the cinema really neatly, with dementors and brooms in the ceiling. And I've never been to a HP premiere where so many had dressed up for the occasion. It felt good, since it was the last HP premiere I would ever attend, so it was nice that people made it special. Actually, I also felt a bit sad, I almost didn't want to see the last movie because I didn't want it all to end haha xP Of course, I couldn't resist. As for the movie... of course it was amazing, I truly loved it♥♥

I also finally finished Final Fantasy X for PS2. It's weird, before playing it, I believed I would never come to like Japanese RPGs. I had tried playing another FF game briefly on PSP, but I just didn't like the combat system, which is turn-based. But what do you know... I really came to love the battle system and the game in general. I'm almost sad it's over, because it was very entertaining♥ I haven't even gotten around to playing another game since then, maybe because I miss playing FFX and don't wanna leave that universe just yet. I always feel like that when getting to the end of something, whether it's books, movies or games.

On another note, I tried a Japanese restaurant that I've wanted to try for ages. It's called Sukiyaki and last week I finally had a chance to go there. I had their tempura udon and gyoza, it was so very delicious. I'm surprised at how many different vegetables they had used, it was a very nice surprise. I wanna go there again to try some of their other dishes for sure!

Last Friday, Ane held her birthday party. We stayed at her place and got drinks before going to Club Celcius, where we danced our legs off! (almost). It was such a fun evening/ night, I think everyone there would agree ;D
Here's a video of us singing birthday songs for her and Thomas. Haha, it reminds me why I shouldn't drink .___.

Movie by Maria

Take care everyone♥♥

27. jun. 2011

♔Vacation Photos♔

Ahh, today me and my friend Christina went tanning in Fælledparken from 11AM. I've only just arrived back home - and it's 6:20PM. The weather has been absolutely amazing all day, I had such a great time♥ I even went to the beach (: And I succeeded in tanning my face a bit! For some reason it's always the last place I get any color, haha.
But I really missed Karpathos today when I was at the beach. I couldn't help comparing the view with that on Karpathos, and boy, it was nowhere near as pretty as in Greece. So I'm gonna go all nostalgic on your ass, with some vacation photos >:D

Konstantinos Palace, our hotel♥ ;___;

Pigadia harbor, went there almost every evening :D

Restaurant with live Greek music. Sooo cozy♥

My favorite place of the hotel - the roof area♥ The view was amazing! I miss it a lot.

One day the weather was a bit cloudy, but there was absolutely no wind. And that's really weird, since Karpathos' weather is usually sunny and really windy. It made the ocean so very clear - it was really... soothing. For me, it was truly beautiful.

The ocean does something to me♥♥ I could write a whole wall of text about my vacation, but I don't think it's necessary (:

2. jun. 2011

♔Zombie Crawl 11♔


Yesterday I attended Copenhagen Zombie Crawl. I've never seen so many "zombies" in my life, it is amazing how this event has grown in numbers since the last time it was held. But the streets were crowded enough already, since a lot of young people were attending Distortion in the inner city. Definitely an interesting experience, haha.

Also, yesterday was the first time this year that I went clubbing without wearing leggings or anything like that. I didn't freeze at all, and thanks to my trip to Greece I can now show off my legs proudly xD I'll really try to maintain my tan this time! :D

I've dressed up as a zombie so many times now, that I find myself bored with the usual zombie look. So this year I tried something different (: And I really liked it. A lot. But I wont do it again before I find some proper face paint, it was a hell getting it to look nice and even.

I'll write about my trip to Karpathos soon, but right now I'm off to bed. Damn, how I miss falling asleep to the sound of the waves... I had forgotten how peaceful and enchanting other places could be. I should travel more♥♥

21. maj 2011

♔Going to Karpathos♔

This weekend, Demi's boyfriend is visiting her from Germany. His birthday was Friday, so Demi got up early and made a super princess-styled birthday cake for him. With pink whipped cream and all! I can't remember the last time I had a birthday cake like that, it brought up a lot of memories from when I was a kid. And it was truly delicious!♥

Today, me and my boyfriend went to the movies to watch Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides 3D♥ I love all the movies, I could watch them all the time, I'm sure. And the fourth movie was no exception, I was well entertained during the entire movie. The people working in the cinema all wore pirate costumes, and the cinema was so nicely decorated too :) Afterward, me and my boyfriend went back to my place to eat dinner and relax. I wont be seeing him for a week, so it was really nice spending such a cozy time with him before I'll be heading to Greece♥♥

Actually, I have to get up in... 2 hours and leave for the airport. I wonder if I should even bother going to bed at all, haha xP Especially since I've just played a lot of Silent Hill - which ain't helping at all. My mom, my brother and me are going to Karpathos for a week. I will spend the entire trip relaxing, tanning and reading books, it's totally what I need right now♥

I'll look forward to seeing you all when I come back :D Take care everyone!

15. maj 2011

♔Friday 13th & Leek Party♔

It's Sunday, and I'm super hungover. This Friday was Friday the 13th, and since me and Demi can't give up on a chance to dress up for a scary/ fun time, we went to The Rock together. They had decorated the place with spider web and creepy stuff, and the bartenders had blood all over. Though there weren't that many people in the club, we still had a really fun time. I can't remember the last time I laughed that much♥

You might have thought that I misspelled the blog title, but no no... Ane and Mads held a housewarming party yesterday, and to get into the party you had to bring a leek each (or a half a leek if you wore high heels). It was a disaster when I went shopping and found that all the leeks were sold out(!!). Luckily, my boyfriend bought me one, hahaha xD

I had a great time, and it was so nice seeing a lot of friends that I hadn't seen in ages. Some time into the party, people decided they wanted to make leek juice (yeah... leek juice). It was so gross, it smelled horrible! People kept trying to get everyone to take a sip, and I must admit I'm really glad that I didn't. It was really fun though xP When we left the party, there were leeks all over the place, I felt so bad for them D: But I had so much fun - thanks for an awesome "too HOT for LEEK" party♥

And today me and my family went out to eat sushi. I ate so much! It was cosy as always, my family is the greatest family in the entire world♥ Accomplished weekend much. I'm also looking so much forward to the next week/ weekend. And on Sunday, I'm leaving for Greece ;D I'm so excited!!


10. maj 2011

♔Sakura Festival 11♔

Last weekend, me and a couple of friends went to the Sakura Festival in Langelinie Park, as we always do. I've never missed it, so it's really fun to see how it grows every year. When it was first held in 2007, the festival consisted of 3 speeches and taiko performance. Now, there's so many shows and performances that the stage is open from 10am to 5pm, and there's a whole bunch of stalls at the festival too. It's always so cosy♥

Me, Mette and Rikke had made a lot of delicious and cute food for the occasion, it was all very yummy. I even bought a new bento box, the shokado bento♥ There's room for so much food - I love it, haha.

The trees had already deflowered, so instead I give you this picture of a tree outside my house C:< On another note, I've signed up for school, starting this summer. It's gonna be weird studying again, but I'm really excited. And the best thing is, I wont even have that many subjects/ classes, since I've already finished social studies and math♥
This week has been so nice! Sakura festival, partying with Demi and her boyfriend, grilling with my boyfriend and his family. I love spring and summer!

Take care!♥

21. mar. 2011

♔Good Times♔

A lot of fun things have happened lately, which I'm just going to sum up for fun ;D

I went to the MAC Cosmetics Wonder Woman event with Mette, where I had one of their make-up artists try out the limited Wonder Woman make-up collection on me. It turned out really nice, so I ended up buying more than I could afford. The "Defiance" eye shadow palette , "Golden Lariat" mineralize skinfinish and "Amazon Princess" powder blush - and I use them all the time now♥

I visited Demi for a couple of days last week and had a really good time. We partied in her town until 8AM the next day and we even got to go to 3 places that night! It was a blast. The following days we ate sushi twice♥ and played horror games on her new Xbox. Alan Wake, Silent Hill, Dead Rising... Made me realize just how much I've missed playing those kind of games.

This weekend, I went to a birthday/ housewarming party at Lasse and Laila's place. It was so nice to see everyone again, I really enjoyed it♥ I also got to talk to some new, sweet people, so all in all, it was a great night. The only bad thing was that some people - I'm not mentioning any names - kept singing Rasmus Seebach all night. Apparently, they thought I needed to hate his songs more than I already do. I didn't think it was possible, but... it sure was, haha! ( Great, now I can't get the song out of my head again >:C )

I got really sick when I got home from the party, and I'm still staying in bed. But I hope to be out and about soon, so I can have even more fun ;D

Photo is taken by Stella and the editing is by Jeongie ;D

23. feb. 2011


So this month I went a little crazy and bought a lot of stuff. I bought 2 pair of shoes - but one of them only cost 150dkk, so I thought it was okay. I really don't need any more shoes though, definitely not high-heeled ones, but then I found some shoes I have been wanting to buy in like forever. Nude shoes! I absolutely love the color! They went out of fashion this winter, so it was hell finding any. If I found some decent ones, they were truly pricy. But now I have them♥ Looking forward to spring so I can wear something other than my boots, haha :D

Yesterday I went to IKEA with my mom and my friend Christina, whom I have known all my life♥ I bought a lot of stuff! A table for doing my homework and the like (with a chair), a small stand with drawers for my PS3, a white rug, a large painting with cherry blossoms, a new plant and two red vases. I haven't had the time to put them all together yet - with work and Japanese classes, so my room is pretty messy right now. But soon, it will be cozy and practical too, I'm sure ;D I think I'll go fix some of the furniture - or go to bed, whatever.

Take care everyone♥♥