3. nov. 2011

♔This is Halloween♔

Happy (late) Halloween everyone!

Last Saturday, me, Demi and Christian attended The Rock's Halloween party. I decided to go as a demon/ something with horns, while Demi dressed up as a cat and Christian went as a zombie. Scary!

I also wore horns on my shoulders and collarbone, but I put those on when we arrived at The Rock, 'cause I couldn't wear them under my jacket. The Halloween Party was a whole lot of fun, so of course we stayed until closing time. I met a whole bunch of friends and people I hadn't seen in ages, so it was quite awesome♥ Oh, I love Halloween!

Gave me a reason to use my red contacts (Super Pinky Wine Red). I'm not that into colored contact lenses, 'cause they tend to hurt my eyes a lot, but these were really comfortable. I wore them all night and they didn't dry out at all :D

Tuesday, my boyfriend took me to my favorite restaurant, Sachi Sushi. They make the most delicious maki rolls! I had been craving their sushi for weeks, so it was simply awesome♥♥ I could eat there everyday, I'm sure. If anyone wanna go there, be sure to have their tempura roll. Even people who don't usually like sushi love their tempura roll :D

Also, meet our newest family member, Felina! We had to name her after a phobia, so Demi chose phobia of cats (I find that very fitting, haha). She's so cute and already very big in size, because she was bred to be a huge rat. She's only 2 months old, but she's already the same size as Tofu - and rats usually don't stop growing until they're 6 months old. Demi took this really cute picture of all of them: Tofu, Felina and Yolandi.


3 kommentarer:

  1. ej tillykke med din nye rotte :)
    søde ser de ud! især din husky :D der er altså noget over husky rotter, især hvis de er dumbo!

  2. The horn idea is cute and fresh! and your rats are so cute! Look at their fingers D: <3 and those curious look :D<3