2. dec. 2011

♔The flow of time is always cruel♔


Some time ago, I finished playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The game has been around since I was 7 years old, but only now were I finally able to borrow the right console (and the game of course) from my boyfriend. It was simply... amazing I'm really hooked and want to play the other games too! I've started on Majora's Mask, which is also extremely entertaining... I think everyone should try playing those games :D They have such a cozy feel to them.

I've also been to a lot of nice dinners with my family. Last weekend, both my brothers came over, and my mom made an absolutely awesome, delicious dinner. Roast pork, ain't it very Christmasy? C: It was such a nice evening
The day before that, we had tried out a Thai restaurant near my brother's school. I ordered their duck in red curry and ate so much that I was freezing all the way home haha.

I've been shopping a bit on ebay this month. I bought 2 pairs of organic plugs for my ears. My stretch is 12mm now, so I needed new jewelry if I didn't want to walk around with a big, heavy spiral in my earlobe (who wants that?). I ended up buying 2 lotus flower tunnels. I think they're really cute because they're so feminine. Looking so much forward to trying them out!

Since I have to use my old cell phone for some time, I decided to remove some of the fake crystals from it, since it didn't look good anymore. Just too bad my boyfriend was laying so close to me... I think he didn't quite realize what I was doing before it was too late >:D Hahaha, didn't it look pretty?

Sadly, he didn't want to keep them... I wonder why..

On another note, my birthday is coming up soon. Then I wont be able to call myself a teenager anymore. Dammit.

3 kommentarer:

  1. årh tænk at du kan bruge den slags tunnels!!!
    jeg kan slet slet ikke få mig selv til at presse dem igennem mine stretch!!!! (ja jeg går lige amok pga. jalousi og smerte haha:D)
    men hold da op hvor er de flotte! mine er bare metal og kedelig mæh hæhæ

  2. ocarina of time: best game ever.

  3. asdfghjkl those tunnels. THOSE TUNNELS.
    (Pst, vi må se at hænge ud igen snart)