22. okt. 2011

♔I want to meet you♔

A lot has happened since my last update, so I wont be able to write about it all, since I don't want this blog to be nothing but a wall of text. But I do have a few pictures I want to share with you guys, taken during this last month C: I should get myself a camera, I would probably blog more often if I took more pictures.

The 30th September I attended the ASIANVIBES party by Fried Rice. Me, Demi and Christian went to Ane and Emil's place for a pre-party, before we headed to the nightclub NASA. I had a whole lot of fun with everyone, beside getting pissed at shitty doormen and getting way too drunk. I wont be going back to NASA again, but I'll definitely look forward to a party with all you guys again♥

Photo taken by Emil and stolen from Ane's blog ;D

The next day I went to the Villains and Heros Party with my boyfriend, Demi and Christian. My boyfriend suggested I came dressed up as Butter's "evil" alter ego, Professor Chaos (from South Park). Of course I had to do it! I was totally hungover from ASIANVIBES the night before, and the tin foil was really hot to wear, so I basically didn't drink that night - but it was awesome none the less C:< I'm saving the helmet for another time!

Some of you might remember that I blogged a bit about Final Fantasy X - which I really loved, so I decided to play Final Fantasy VII as well. Of course it was equally awesome, the people behind the games really know how to write an amazing story and create a marvelous universe♥ Luckily, sweetest Antonio can borrow me all the FF games, so I've already started on FFIX.

Also, my mom bought me a gift after she returned home from a vacation to Turkey. A super cute Vivienne Westwood necklace♥ I'm wearing it all the time now, I think it's very elegant. You can also see that I finally removed my last skin diver piercing. I never had the time to go to the piercer and get it removed, so at last I grew so tired of it that I decided to remove it myself. It's healing up nicely, but it will still be red for some time.

Sweet dreams everyone♥

2 kommentarer:

  1. Girl, Professor Chaos? Your boyfriend is a genious. Love the necklace!

  2. Indeed :D I had no money, but I really wanted to dress up... so Professor Chaos was the perfect choice!