19. aug. 2011

♔Grotesque Burlesque♔


Last weekend I went to Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Opera of the Underworld, together with Damien. It's an awesome costume party, with amazing performers and beautifully dressed up people all over the place. Even the place was decorated for the occasion, with wicked mannequins, fog machines and the like. The atmosphere was truly wonderful and people really seemed to have fun and let loose. I was totally taken back by how creative people had been with their outfits. There were adventurers, a fantastic Jessica Rabbit, and one who was wearing nothing but a long wig! Oh, if I should go through all the stunning costumes people wore, it would take me several hours to write it all down I think. I can definitely recommend everyone to go next time Copenhagen Burlesque throws a party, I know I will!

I would like to welcome our newest family members! Me and my roommate Demi had been talking for ages about getting pet rats. This last month we have been running from place to place, picking up essential things for our soon-to-be pets (with essential stuff, of course I'm talking about baby pink bedding). 3 days ago, it was finally time to go pick them up. So here they are!

Tiny, tiny Yolandi. She's the cutest baby ever! So calm despite her new surroundings, and she loves to snuggle. She even fell asleep in my lap on the very first day♥

And not so tiny Tofu♥ She's no doubt the most talkative rat I've ever met. But she's a teenager, so I'm not surprised haha. She should have been born a parrot, I'm sure, 'cause she always sits on my shoulder and tweets.

I started school this Thursday at VUF. It's gonna be so weird studying again, but I'm looking forward to it none the less (except living off my SU for 2 years, when I'm used to waitress salary). I haven't had Japanese or Psychology yet, but they're definitely the subjects I think I will enjoy the most, so I'm excited about next week♥

Sweet dreams everyone!♥♥

5 kommentarer:

  1. ej hvor er de babyer søde! tillykke med dem :D
    det ligner at de begge er husky, så bliver deres mønstre næsten hvide/grå når de er voksne :D

  2. hvor ser I godt ud på det billede! :D

    - og aaw små rotte børn! *0* hvor er de bare søøøøde! mads får også snart to rotter herhjemme! weeih. :DD

  3. Demi har godt vist mig billeder af de små dyr - de er så dejlige!
    Det var super fedt at se dig til Burlesque :3 (Jessica Rabbit-fyren - Tinus - var der i øvrigt også til Pride i outfittet)

  4. Yay hvor er I fine ^__^/
    Naaw hvor er de nuttede TTwTT
    Og held og lykke med skolen!! Det kunne være hyggeligt hvis du kom med til Japan her i efteråret!! (^^)v

  5. Aw, the tiny rat it SOO cute! I didn't know you could buy baby rats because one of my friend had pet rat and he was pretty big but not sure if he got it when the rat was a baby. I think I'll ask him!
    It's so cute that you guys prepared everything for them!=D