8. aug. 2011


I know it's old news, but I figured... who cares? I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on the premiere night. Actually, I had bought tickets for a marathon that showed all the movies during 2 days, so I watched a lot more than just part 2! (Though I didn't watch all of them, after all I've watched them a bunch of times before). They had decorated the cinema really neatly, with dementors and brooms in the ceiling. And I've never been to a HP premiere where so many had dressed up for the occasion. It felt good, since it was the last HP premiere I would ever attend, so it was nice that people made it special. Actually, I also felt a bit sad, I almost didn't want to see the last movie because I didn't want it all to end haha xP Of course, I couldn't resist. As for the movie... of course it was amazing, I truly loved it♥♥

I also finally finished Final Fantasy X for PS2. It's weird, before playing it, I believed I would never come to like Japanese RPGs. I had tried playing another FF game briefly on PSP, but I just didn't like the combat system, which is turn-based. But what do you know... I really came to love the battle system and the game in general. I'm almost sad it's over, because it was very entertaining♥ I haven't even gotten around to playing another game since then, maybe because I miss playing FFX and don't wanna leave that universe just yet. I always feel like that when getting to the end of something, whether it's books, movies or games.

On another note, I tried a Japanese restaurant that I've wanted to try for ages. It's called Sukiyaki and last week I finally had a chance to go there. I had their tempura udon and gyoza, it was so very delicious. I'm surprised at how many different vegetables they had used, it was a very nice surprise. I wanna go there again to try some of their other dishes for sure!

Last Friday, Ane held her birthday party. We stayed at her place and got drinks before going to Club Celcius, where we danced our legs off! (almost). It was such a fun evening/ night, I think everyone there would agree ;D
Here's a video of us singing birthday songs for her and Thomas. Haha, it reminds me why I shouldn't drink .___.

Movie by Maria

Take care everyone♥♥

3 kommentarer:

  1. Emil is having the time of his life there XD
    We like FFX! Awesome that you've finished :D

  2. I love FFX! :c so good. but you can always play FFX-2, it's still the same characters (plus new), which is a pretty awesome game as well.

  3. Haha, watching this video makes me wanna go there more!!!
    Emil was sure so having fun, haha. Ahh, so wanna go there ; _ ;

    And you finally got to taste Sukiyaki! It's soo good though! I haven't eaten it for a while but seeing your post makes me want to.
    Thanks for the fun entry!