27. jun. 2011

♔Vacation Photos♔

Ahh, today me and my friend Christina went tanning in Fælledparken from 11AM. I've only just arrived back home - and it's 6:20PM. The weather has been absolutely amazing all day, I had such a great time♥ I even went to the beach (: And I succeeded in tanning my face a bit! For some reason it's always the last place I get any color, haha.
But I really missed Karpathos today when I was at the beach. I couldn't help comparing the view with that on Karpathos, and boy, it was nowhere near as pretty as in Greece. So I'm gonna go all nostalgic on your ass, with some vacation photos >:D

Konstantinos Palace, our hotel♥ ;___;

Pigadia harbor, went there almost every evening :D

Restaurant with live Greek music. Sooo cozy♥

My favorite place of the hotel - the roof area♥ The view was amazing! I miss it a lot.

One day the weather was a bit cloudy, but there was absolutely no wind. And that's really weird, since Karpathos' weather is usually sunny and really windy. It made the ocean so very clear - it was really... soothing. For me, it was truly beautiful.

The ocean does something to me♥♥ I could write a whole wall of text about my vacation, but I don't think it's necessary (:

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, I didn't know there's this kind of place in Denmark! This is definitely making me wanna go there more! I'm glad you had fun there and it sure is SO beautiful place!T_T

  2. the pictures says it all. D: og god, that last picture is so amazing, it makes me wanna jump right into the screen. that water is so clear.. damn. :c

  3. @Caspin: Oh, this is not Denmark. It's photos from my trip to Greece ^-^ So sadly, Denmark doesn't look like these pictures at all :C

  4. ahhh i envy you! the hotel and sea looks so niiice ;) so luxurious. i am glad you had a great time, girl.

    btw: did you get safely home after zombie crawl, didn't get the chance to say goodbye? even though it was a while back, hehe.