23. feb. 2011


So this month I went a little crazy and bought a lot of stuff. I bought 2 pair of shoes - but one of them only cost 150dkk, so I thought it was okay. I really don't need any more shoes though, definitely not high-heeled ones, but then I found some shoes I have been wanting to buy in like forever. Nude shoes! I absolutely love the color! They went out of fashion this winter, so it was hell finding any. If I found some decent ones, they were truly pricy. But now I have them♥ Looking forward to spring so I can wear something other than my boots, haha :D

Yesterday I went to IKEA with my mom and my friend Christina, whom I have known all my life♥ I bought a lot of stuff! A table for doing my homework and the like (with a chair), a small stand with drawers for my PS3, a white rug, a large painting with cherry blossoms, a new plant and two red vases. I haven't had the time to put them all together yet - with work and Japanese classes, so my room is pretty messy right now. But soon, it will be cozy and practical too, I'm sure ;D I think I'll go fix some of the furniture - or go to bed, whatever.

Take care everyone♥♥

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  1. Mmh, the shoes + the legs. :3
    Great that you found usefull stuff in IKEA!