15. feb. 2011

♔Happy Valentine's♔

I hope you all had an amazing valentine's day, regardless if you celebrate valentine's day or not!♥

This weekend was filled with a lot of fun and lovely moments. Saturday night, I went out to dinner with Mette and Rikke, eating sushi and Chinese food. Afterwards we went clubbing, me wearing my new high heeled shoes. I had such a fun night (and the bar had surprisingly tasty strawberry daiquiris♥)

Sunday, my boyfriend came over - and we had a really cozy time, including games, movies and sushi. It was also the day we had been together for 13 months(!!). Time really flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?♥ :D He bought me some beautiful red/yellow orchids - which I love. The orchid is definitely one of the most beautiful flowers, in my opinion♥♥

And then came Valentine's Day. Even though me and my boyfriend had already enjoyed a wonderful evening the day before, we still went out for dinner. The food was sooo delicious, and the dessert was very cute. I wanna go again! :D Afterward we rented Buried. I really liked the movie, even though it was quite painful to watch at some points, haha.

I better head to bed... Sweet dreams!

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