27. maj 2010

♔Dresses and Makeup♔

Today, me and my sister went to Fields shopping center. I ended up buying a lot of cool stuff (and two dresses that I might return. They're a bit too big, plus they're strapless, so it's kinda risky business wearing them ;P). But I bought one dress that I absolutely ADORE♥ My fav dress looks a lot like it, this one is just shorter >:D Woooo!
I also bought some more make-up from M∙A∙C. A white eyeshadow (Gesso matte eye shadow), a nude lipstick (Myth satin lipstick) and my beloved zoom lash mascara in intense black. Oh, and I bought 5 new nail polishes, in white, black, red and babypink. Along with a gloss.
Furthermore, I bought a bikini for my trip to Greece, a cute white one. I'm sure it will look better when I get more tanned though.

I also removed 2 of my piercings ): So now I only have my navel piercing - I feel absolutely naked! Therefore I booked an appointment at my piercer for the 8th of June, figuring I needed 2 more dermal anchors. Or skin divers, I haven't really decided yet. Additionally, I have a great urge to get tattooed, I just haven't really figured out what I want and where I want it. I have a couple of ideas, but it's just a bit scary getting something inked onto your skin that will stay there forever. I would hate regretting something like that.
... But I would love to surprise my boyfriend with a tattoo♥ >:D Could be fun, haha. Then again, it probably wont happen. Damn.

Btw, I want more pinup inspired outfits. I have just bought a dress that could work as one, AND I LOVE IT. I'll post pictures of it soon. (I've bought too many dresses lately, I really need tops XD)

Thanks for all the comments♥

2 kommentarer:

  1. You look ggggggreat. <3 New dresses is seriously the best... but sometimes they just hang around, never being worn D:
    And I'm laughing a bit because of the iron !

  2. Yeah, I know how that goes XD I have too many dresses already that aren't being worn enough.

    Hahaha, my mom had totally forgot to remove the iron after using it, and it was just in front of the mirror. Being lazy and figuring it went okay with my outfit, I kept it there >:D Haha