29. maj 2010

♔T-Lounge Society♔

Yesterday, I went to the T-Lounge party held in Warehouse 9. It was for "transgendered and friends", so I figured it was okay for me to go over the top with my look♥ (then I also had the opportunity to talk about fake hair with the trannys, hahaha :D). The dresscode was "manga geisha" and "asia fantasy"... and I had absolutely no idea about what to wear. But with a huge half wig and two sets of false eyelashes (and a new dress) they simply had to let me in.

They played a lot of songs I knew, so it was quite fun, even though I didn't dance to any of them. Luckily for me, they sold melon soda as a part of their Asian theme, and also served sushi at the bar, wooo. It was a fun night, even though I couldn't stay for long, since I had to work the next day. I brought both of my half wigs, not because I wanted to, but because one of my friends decided that he wanted to wear it for the evening. Damn, that half wig doesn't look good on anyone, but it was a lot of fun. Me and my friends totally looked like the crazy hair trio; two wearing half wigs and one with huge dreads XD My mom told me later that she had laughed at us from the window because we looked like three weird drags from behind, haha.

I'm leaving for Crete tomorrow, which means I wont be updating my blog for a week. I'm looking forward to relax and... well, do nothing, basically. But since there wont be any internet or stuff like that, I'll really miss a lot of people (one i particular♥) D: And I haven't bought or borrowed a book or anything, so I wonder what I'll be up to on my vacation. I hope I wont get bored that easily, then I'll miss everyone even more ): Bah, I need to get a grip...

Take care everyone♥♥

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  1. You look great! Big hair is the funniest <3 and I dig your shoes.