13. nov. 2010


Today I ordered tickets to the Dúné concert on the 1. of December. I'm so looking forward to it! :D I've only been to one other Dúné concert, and it was really great. But it's such a long time ago, can't even remember when it was =O
So these days I'm listening to Dúné a lot and I absolutely can't wait for the concert, it's gonna be great.

One of my favorite Dúné songs at the moment is this one. But really, they make a lot of awesome songs, you guys should check them out (:

Shortest blog entry ever...

Take care y'all!♥♥

4 kommentarer:

  1. They've got sooo mcuh energy when on stage! CRAZY <3b

  2. Everybody fights the lust is one of my faves too. Maybe one should buy a ticket as well...

  3. I'm going as well. I'm really really looking forward to it! :D <3