29. nov. 2010


I dyed my hair last week :D I was really unsure if I wanted to dye it, but.... I actually really like it! I chose a dark brown dye, but it turned out almost black - which looked surprisingly good (Haha, my mom told me I looked like Cleopatra). It's not that dark anymore though, but I still dig it♥

Me and Demi went to club Faust Friday. They had a dupstep theme with 4 DJs and the club was pretty crammed. Probably because all the people were friends of the DJs. We had a fun night though, we got totally wasted, danced a lot... and the bartender let us draw and write on one of the sale notes >:D

Saturday I was invited to my boyfriend's mom's birthday. It was a really nice evening and the food was amazing, I had such a good time♥ Later we went to a small party. It was really cozy, though it was soooooo damn cold getting there. Winter is just not my thing.
Sunday I went to dinner at my brother's place, I should do that more often, since it's always really nice (: Afterward I went home, chilled with Demi and started making pancakes at 11PM. They were awesome.

All in all I had a great weekend♥ ♥

3 kommentarer:

  1. årh ja, vi har næsten samme frisurer og hårfarve nu! haha : )

    og damn det er noget dyrt øl de har på faust. Hold da op. Der vil jeg aldrig blive fuld haha.

    og pandekager kan man altid æde : ) mmm specielt om vinteren

  2. nom nom nom, pandekager.
    det lyder virkelig som en hyggelig weekend. <3

  3. Har også købt hårfarve faktisk, har bare ikke taget mig sammen til at gøre noget ved det endnu xD Men blir nok i morgen :D Det skal dog ikke være lige så mørkt som dit, men man ved sgu aldrig hah :D
    Pandekagøørh! <3