2. okt. 2010

♔Heroes & Villains Party♔

Yesterday, I went to a heroes and villains themed party. 3 of my friends started off at my place, drinking and listening to a lot of Nine Inch Nails(♥). Later on we decided to go to this pub near my place, to get a beer or two. It was so much fun, even though we met this old guy who suddenly confessed that he had once murdered someone, because the guy had had an affair with his girlfriend. I wasn't there when he told us, but damn... you should have seen my face.

I had planned to come as Mystique - I had even bought blue face paint and all. But I ended up being too annoyed over the paint that I decided not to go as Mystique anyway. So I just wore a lot of leopard print and fur, inventing my own villain... or something. Leopard lady? I don't really know...

We ended up heading for the party really late, so when we finally got there, a lot of the people I knew had left. Luckily, that still left a lot of great people to hang out with anyway, and I was actually surprised how many of my friends still hung around. It was really nice seeing everyone, I had a fun night (:

Oh, some days ago, me and Demi accidentally found the shop, Agnes Cupcakes while shopping, and of course, we absolutely had to try it out. We bought a cake each, one red velvet - a red cocoa cake with cream cheese frosting, and one black & white - a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. They were sooo delicious♥ I wanna try out the strawberry cupcake for sure!

Take care all♥♥

3 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg tog også først rigtigt i byen kl 1 or something XD

  2. Gief cupcakes!
    Jeg tror for øvrigt sagtens, du kunne blive superskurk. : D