5. okt. 2010

♔Lvl 80♔

For all of you who didn't think I could... I could! >:D

I know it's geeky like hell, but heck, now I finally have a lvl 80 draenei hunter. I totally need to start getting nice gear, so WoW dudes can get pissed over being pwned by an 18 year old girl♥ Sooo satisfactory... Let me know if any of you play wow, I totally want your realID. And to you who don't... well, you should try it. You might like it (: ♥

- I'm thinking about starting a tauren male warrior, only because it would be ridiculous if a girl played this huge-ass, totally evil-looking character C:<

Beside all the geeky stuff, I finally sew clips on my extensions, so now I'm able to wear them again. I don't think I'll wear them very often though, but it's nice to know that I can wear them whenever I want to now. I also think they hurt my scalp more now than they did before... I guess I was too mean to my hair back then, so I'll take good care of it from now on (: I know it'll pay off in the end.

Take care all♥♥

3 kommentarer:

  1. I play WoW xD
    Just add me on: agentvejita@hotmail.com
    ..gz on your lvl 80!

    xDDD I don't have any lvl 80 yet but I have one nearly at 72 (OwO) and a hunter at 55!
    I play on the "Lightbringer" realm >-< I guess it's not so popular because I haven't met others that play on that realm!

  2. I will! And thanks :D

    I currently play on Chromaggus, but I'm moving to Outland today or tomorrow - since a lot of my friends are moving there. And now I'm lvl 80 and can finally get in on all the fun >:D

  3. haha hvor er du sød når du er så nørdet Dina :D