31. okt. 2010

♔Happy Halloween♔

Friday, me and Demi decided to attend The Black Cat Halloween at club Faust. We hadn't bought tickets or anything, but luckily, the door man let us in (he could only let 3 more people in - us inclusive, so we felt really awesome). There were a lot of really great costumes, you could totally see that people had spent a long time preparing. Two-Face from Batman, Morpheus and Trinity from Matrix, the bearded lady, Medusa, Puss in Boots from Shrek, Edward Scissorhands.... and I could go on and on about the awesomeness of them all >:D

Saturday, I was invited to a birthday/ Halloween party with some friends and my boyfriend. We started off at the birthday kid's place, and then headed for a club, where we could spend the first hour there alone without anyone else being let in. But the door man was a fucking douche, so we ended up not going - and took a trip to Lades instead D:< It was nice, but I think we were all in a bad mood, so we just drank one beer there before heading home.

I was dressed up as a military zombie, with loads of fake blood and a crazy amount of white face-paint all over. The blood was very sticky, so I couldn't really hug anyone, but it was a great weekend none the less. I totally dig Halloween (and basically all other occasions where wearing a costume is a part of the tradition) so I had a great time. I love dressing up♥♥

Take care all!♥

3 kommentarer:

  1. You... looked... AWESOME :D such a shame you couldn't get in :/ like WTF.

  2. I know D: I could get in, but the door man wouldn't let my friends in because they had PIERCINGS. So annoying...

  3. Normally, people who resort to just a shit load of fake blood and call it a costume irritates me - but that is so awesome!