2. dec. 2010

♔Maja Hansen Shoot♔

Today I had another photoshoot with the great photographer, Maja Hansen (one of the photographers from the lolita shoot I had before this one, if you remember).
So I had to get up early and dye my extensions, since they were still a dark red. When I have an appointment with a photographer, I use a whole day to get ready - so I know everything is right. I even make sure to get a lot of sleep the night before, so I'm all set to go the next day.
Therefore, this whole day went with dying hair, curling and styling it, binding my old corset, doing my nails and fixing my make-up (and listening to Dúné♥♥). I'm super content about that, haha♥

The shoot went well, I think it was the fastest shoot I've ever done, even though we took pictures a lot of different places in the house (the photographer had borrowed a friend's house for the shoot, since she had some nice furniture).
I'm looking so much forward to seeing the photos edited and in high quality, I hope Maja will fix them soon and send them to me :D

You can get a quick sneak peak of me from after the photoshoot, even though the light is pretty weird and ugly :P (I don't know why the quality suck so bad, my blogspot is acting up. You can click it)
Sweet dreams everyone!♥♥

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  1. Jeg vil også lave et photoshoot :D :D (or not :C )
    Men glæder mig til at se billederne :D