14. feb. 2010

♔Winter Break♔

I have been quite busy lately, so I haven't been able to update my blog (or comment your entries, sorry!). But I'll just tell briefly what I've been up to during the winter break.

The 13th of February me and my boyfriend celebrated having been together for 1 month. So we decided to go out to get something to eat, and later go to the movie theater. We went to see Avatar in 3D, even though both of us had already seen it once before.
It was really lovely. Such a great day/ evening/ night♥♥ I would love to do it all again.

When we woke up the next day, we got to say happy valentine's day to each other, haha :D ♥

I really like the way my hair looked on the 13th. Before going out with my boyfriend I back-combed it a lot, so it was quite pretty, but I forgot to take a picture of it, as usual.
Oh, and as you can see, I tried that "avatar-yourself" thingey, HAHAHAHA
♥ :D

From the 15th to the 19th I visited a friend in Aalborg. It was really neat seeing Demi again, but frankly, I don't think I'll ever like Aalborg - it's just not "the place to be" XD The sushi didn't even taste good there. Uff...
Me and Demi both got a hairdresser appointment, both wanting to go blonde. But we didn't really like how it turned out, haha ): My hair is way too yellow/ salmon-colored right now. I'll bleach it again soon and then I'll have platinum blonde hair♥ Gonna be great!
Oh, and I actually missed a flight for the first time in my life. So I had to buy a ticket for a later flight. It really sucked.

But finally I was back in Copenhagen♥ (I wish Demi would move to Copenhagen though, haha). And then my boyfriend came over, which was really nice since I had missed him a lot. I dragged him with me to a piercer, so I could get my navel pierced. It turned out great :D

I'll try to update my blog more often (: Take care♥

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