9. feb. 2010

♔Post No.1♔

Lately I've been missing writing a blog for some reason - maybe because I haven't done it in months. I've had a LJ, but that didn't work out, so I stopped using it... and in December, the site I had my blog on crashed for 2 months. So since everybody keep telling me how great blogspot is, I had to try it out :D I'll try to stick with it this time =O

Yesterday, I went shopping. I bought this really cute skirt that I absolutely adore♥ It is MONKI's Leticia Skirt in dogtooth print, and though it is quite tight it is totally comfortable - so I simply had to buy it. But I'm thinking about buying it in black instead, I just couldn't find it in the store. Oh well, I'll just have to take a closer look tomorrow ;D

I really miss the summer, where I'm able to show off my legs like this (and get some color! I'm so pale at the moment, it's driving me mad). I can't wait until spring arrives♥ ♥ Let it be soon.

Lately I've been missing my blond hair quite a lot. It's my natural hair color and I'm tired of dying my hair constantly because my blond roots are showing after a few weeks. So I asked two hairdressers for advice.

✂ Hairdresser no. 1: "I wouldn't advice you to go blond, it can really damage your hair. If you really crave blond hair, I could dye some blond stripes and some highlights in your hair. Then you would have to wait a month and then I would be able to add some more stripes to your hair... and so on".
✂ Hairdresser no. 2: "I can dye you blond if we cut your hair short. Maybe undercut? Oh, you want long hair... Well, then stick with the red hair, you would totally regret going blond".

So I guess I wont be going blond right away. I have some thinking to do. Great. D:

But for now I'll go eat some dinner. After that I'll play Folklore (oh yeah, I'll totally rant about that game in my next blog >:D)
Damn, since I haven't blogged for a long time I have so much to write about! But I'm hungry... I'll try not to post all the time, though it will be hard, haha.

P.S. I miss my boyfriend. He's too sweet♥ ♥

5 kommentarer:

  1. Du har fantastiske ben oh my god!!!

  2. Yea, too amazing legs!
    I know that it realle fucks hair up to dye blond, but with the constant coloring you're doing now, doesn't it add up the same? Because with lighter hair you wouldn't need coloring, if you'd go back to your normal color... ;p

  3. Yin stjal ordene fra mig! :D
    dine ben er røv-gode, og nederdelen er som syet til dig, helt specielt!

  4. *agrees med yin og helene*
    det er helt vildt!

    'stalking you from now on :D'

  5. Wah, hvor er i alle sammen søde<3 :D Men mine ben er totalt mega blege - og endnu mere i virkeligheden end på disse billeder, haha.

    Well, the dye I'm using now isn't as damaging, because I believe it's actually a toner. Bleaching your hair is a lot worse than average dye. So it isn't as bad when you're dying your hair in a darker color than your own - it's removing the color that totally fucks up your hair.
    My hair is so thin (totally Scandinavian D:) that I don't think it will handle being bleached very well. Damn.