10. feb. 2010

♔White and Nerdy♔

Thank you for reading!!!
So, I bought this new shirt/ skirt today, from Gina Tricot. I've been looking for this kind of dress for ages, so when I saw it, I had to buy it♥
(Btw, I LOVE my Lola Ramona boots. They are truly fabulous♥ ♥)

And I love Gina Tricot, I think they have a nice selection of dresses (and I love dresses!) - though I always find shopping easier during summer. The winter colors are just so dull and... grey. Even though the weather is grey, I don't believe I have to look grey too!? Or is it some kind of winter sympathy rule?

Lately there have been so many things I have convinced myself I really need. I have a huge shopping list and the items aren't cheap. It goes something like this:

☐Cell phone (Sony Ericsson W995)


☐Curling iron
☐Contact lenses

And beside that I have a shitload of clothes I would like to get my hands on. Plus a lot of other stuff, but I wont even go there - I would never be able to finish writing all that down.
So who wants to be my sugar daddy?

I spent my evening/ night yesterday playing Folklore. It's really neat, just my type of game. I think it's because I absolutely dig the music (If you take a look at Folklore's site, I believe you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about: http://www.us.playstation.com/folklore/).

It also gives me this kind of twisted wonderland feeling that's totally awesome. The creatures in this game are really cool, some of them quite scary and most of them very original. I like the mix of slight horror and the whole fairytale world... gone bad.
If you have a PS3 you should totally buy this game :D (or better - borrow it from someone, like me).

Now I feel like playing Folklore. Ta taa!♬♩

4 kommentarer:

  1. i love ur new shirt,,
    and ohh,,ur make up, or ur face is looking cool?
    or both?
    i love it, ur so pretty,,



  2. Haha, jeg er sikker på jeg havde skrevet en kommentar o_Ô XD
    Jeg vil komme og game med dig!
    Kontaktlinser, wee <3 Har lige fået nye i dag XD

  3. Yue har lånt mig en masse spil, så du siger bare til :D (Anne har en PS3, right? Vi kunne låne den!)

    Aw, du må poste billeder med dem snart<3 De er sikkert fabulous. Jeg har ikke bestilt mine endnu, men ved lige hvad for nogle dte skal være >:D

  4. Nice :D :D
    Men ved ikke lige med at låne af Anne >__> Der er lige nogle ting jeg skal snakke med dig om... D:

    Woohoo, det gør jeg :D
    Hvor bestiller du fra? Måske vil jeg gerne ha' nogle flere, nogle blå eller så noget ^_^
    Poster nok billede af dem i morgen xD

    Det er mega lame, man får ikke besked om når folk har svaret på ens kommentar, eller når man har fået en kommentar på sin egen blog. FAIL!!!! (ikke at jeg får særlig mange kommentarer.. bubuhu xD)