16. mar. 2010

♔Skin Divers♔

I just love that pencil skirt!!♥ Talking about pretty dresses and skirts, I might order two dresses home from asos soon. And some new contact lenses (not from asos ;P).
I can't wait for spring. And summer. And to get some color. All so that I can look even better in the pretty dresses, haha.

I wonder if any of you know about the site 43 Things? It's like this online to-do list, where you can list a bunch of goals and keep track of them that way. I've been using it for more than 2 years now. It's funny to see what you've accomplished during two years and what you have been striving for through time (:
You guys should try it out!

One of my dermal anchors are dying D: It looks horrible! You can actually see the bottom plate through the skin (I know, eeeeew D: I just couldn't help myself XD)
I hope to get a day off from work tomorrow, so I can go get it removed by my piercer. I think it will be smart to replace it (or both) with skin divers. I've never tried them before, but dermals doesn't seem to work on me so I might as well give skin divers a shot (: I'll discuss it with my piercer.

I love this fuzzy feeling♥ ♥

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  1. awww : (
    jeg måtte også sige farvel til både labret og navlepiercing i januar!
    damn jeg savner dem :'(
    håber de kan reddes!