25. mar. 2010

♔Raw Fish & Meat♔

Today, me and my sister went to one of my favorite sushi restaurants. We ordered a lot of food, so much food that we could both bring something home to eat later. Since I'm staying up late a lot these days, I ate it as a late snack :D

Me and my sister literally talked like 2 teenage girls (hey, we are teenage girls). But.. you know, that giggleish, girly kind of talk that you only hear from a couple of -18 girls. It was great fun XD

I look like an idiot when eating, hahaha.

I've talked with a photographer today, since she was looking for someone to do a Godchild inspiret photoshoot with. And I so happen to have read a couple of Godchild books back in my old days. I don't think I've thrown them out, so I'll go look for them (: I like macabre books - and photos. I haven't done any real macabre photos myself, but that's definitely up for a change.

It's going to be something with bloody bandages, raw meat and... intestines. SO not looking forward to that part!! But I think I'll get some pretty cool photos out of it, and that's what matters. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I also ordered 2 pairs of contact lenses today :D I found some really giant lenses. 14.8mm(!!!) But I couldn't buy them since they were sold out of the strength I needed ):
So I bought some other lenses - a blue and a violet pair. I hope they arrive soon, especially since I want to wear them at the photoshoot.

Me and my sister

And I miss my boyfriend♥♥ (As usual)...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Naw, you two are so cute. ♥

  2. lawl, fik også sushi i går =D
    Btw, på tirsdag tænkte jeg på om vi også skulle spise sammen.. XD Måske kunne vi ta' på den der running sushi - DEN GODE af dem.. =D

  3. Awww, thanks Darling♥ :D

    Ja, vi burde herre meget tage på running sushi på tirsdag! >:D Jeg er så on. Så kunne vi prøve den på sølvtorvet som min bro sagde var mega awesome? :D

  4. Aww sushi ;__;
    You two look amazing! <3