16. mar. 2010

♔Hair and Silly Stuff♔

Today, my new extensions arrived!♥♥ Only problem is... the extensions doesn't match my hair. Not even the slightest. I really don't know what to do with my hair. It has this weird color, a mix between white/ grey/ slightly red, which is actually pretty neat ;P Only problem is that I very much miss my extensions (I hate having short hair). But no extensions can match this weird 3-colored hair that I'm currently forced to walk around with. I feel like re-dyeing my hair red again... that would suck.
Maybe I should try dyeing my extensions? Use a whole lot of silver shampoo on them, and then buy a red color that I only leave in for a second? Hmm... ):

I should totally reply to my Korean pen-pal's letter. I love her letters♥ They're so cute, a real treat to the eye. I advise everyone to go find a pen pal, it's so much fun. I've been writing with mine for over 4 years and I'll definitely go visit her sometime.
Now I feel bad for not replying. Her letter has been laying around here for almost 2 months now. I think I'll do it tonight (: That is... if I don't choose to play games instead.

Some people are gonna laugh so hard at this, others will think it's kinda nice (I suspect there will be more people laughing though). I've bought a 1 month subscription to World of Warcraft. When I told people about it, some of the reactions have been:

♧ "That's epic!"
♧ "I hate you♥"

What a bunch of nice friends XD But look at my pet! I totally adore it (from the back it looks like a shrimp hahaha♥♥). Erhm, this is usually where I stop myself. And tells myself to get a grip...

Okay, enough with the nerdy stuff. You should check this out! It's an artist called Dave Devries that has taken children's drawings and added a professional touch to it. I think it's quite interesting. Click this link to see more of his work: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mathieus/what-would-a-childs-drawing-look-like-if-it-8q4

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  1. wow! de er ret nice de der "børne" tegninger :O
    thanks for sharing!

    og øv til dit hår.. men det ser mega nice ud på billedet!!