3. okt. 2014

♔Busy in Fukuoka♔

My classes started up this week so I've been fairly busy. I haven't fully registered for classes yet, so I checked out a lot of different classes this week. I think I'll end up with integrated Japanese, grammar, kanji and converstaion. On top of that I'll propably be taking the three courses Hakata studies, Japanese cinema, and short fiction by Haruki Murakami. Most of the language classes are 99% on Japanese, so it's definitely a challenge, but I hope it will pay off in the end :)

Monday, I had to return to the hospital one more time to talk about the results of my blood sample. As I had expected, everything was fine. My feet were probably just swollen for a couple of days because of the long plane rides. 

Wednesday, me and a bunch of the other exchange students went to the post office to set up a bank account for each of us. It took quite a bit of waiting and the post office was small, so I felt like we filled up the entire post office! I ended up waiting for the others outside. Luckily, the post office was located in a cozy place with pretty houses so I didn't mind the waiting. I got my bank book, which I can use to withdraw money at the bank's ATM. My cash card is yet to be delivered!
The post office

Today has been a really neat day. The weather was amazing, which meant I could wear a summer dress with no sleeves... in October! I don't think I've ever tried being in a sun dress in October, but I'm loving it! Especially because I heard that it's pretty cold already in Denmark. 
I had three hours of integrated Japanese which pretty much went by with self introductions and a bit of grammar. Come lunch I went to the university's convenience store and bought a meal for under 20kr that I ate outside in the sun, before I had to leave for short fiction class. It only lasted 30 minutes, because it was just orientation about the class - so weekend started early this Friday

There's so much delicious food in Japan. Luckily there is a (very small - but free!) gym at the university. So today I went to AEON mall with Line to buy some shoes for running, since I couldn't fit my running shoes in my suitcase when I packed for Japan. Walking to AEON was so nice. It takes some time, but because the weather was so great I enjoyed every minute of the trip.

Me and Line had been really tired the last time Miu took us there, so today we took our time browsing in a lot of the stores. One of the stores played five different songs in different places of the store (it was so confusing 'cause the store wasn't even that big!) and was filled with everything from Studio Ghibli plushies to a selection of books, candy, earphones... you name it. And it wasn't a 100 yen store so I guess it just had a weird mix of products. It was fun browsing though! I found a really creepy pen that I will post a picture of. Together with a beautiful poster for shape up pantyhoses


After shopping we went into a cozy ramen shop and ordered a small bowl of Hakata (tonkotsu) ramen. I figured I had to taste it since that kind of ramen originated from Fukuoka. I didn't read what was in it before ordering, but it turns out the soup is made from pork bones. It was very delicious none the less. Afterwards I bought a little box of different bite-size pieces of donuts from Mister Donut, that I brought home. I love donuts but I don't think Denmark has a donut shop yet (at least I haven't found one) so I absolutely had to try it out for dessert. Of course it was delicious. But now you also see why I need to use the campus gym, haha! There's too much awesome food in Japan...

Ramen shop

Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip and I'll be coming back Sunday evening! I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures and I'll write about it when I get home. 
I hope all my friends and my family is doing great back in Denmark♥ Take care!

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